Sunday, May 22, 2016

Unit 8: Nanotech + Art

Unit 8: Nanotech + Art

This week’s lecture raised a lot of internal debates for me that I had previously never thought of. As professor Vesna stated, nanotechnology is pushing the scientific paradigm shift into the 21st century because it requires unlocking a new era of science where old scientific traditions and staples are not enough to understand the true nature of nanotechnology.


I really enjoyed the way Dr. Gimzewski introduced nanotechnology: first by giving historical and biographical definitions of the root words then by delving deeper into how nanotechnology plays a role in our society today. By presenting nanotechnology like this, I was able to better understand the topic and make better connections with the reading. Part 2 of the lecture had visual representations of molecule structures because to us they are invisible. This presence of nanotechnology but inability to see it mirrors pop culture, social networks and gives us discussion topics about the future possibilities of nanotechnology. The reading gave more insight to this by demonstrating how we are unable to see certain social connections and trends; we still know they are present, just like molecules.

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Part 6 of the lecture stated some risks and benefits of nanotechnology and nanotechnology products. Sunscreen is something I use every day but never think twice about. I’m more comfortable with nanotechnology particles in my sunscreen than I am with in my food. The thought of vitamins or chemicals being released with or without taste in the foods I eat is a scary thought. I think we should raise money and support to continue testing on nanotechnology in food to truly understand immediate and long-term risks. I also think our food should be labeled.

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