Monday, June 6, 2016

Extra Credit 1: The Getty

Extra Credit Event: The Getty
For my extra credit event, I decided to spend an afternoon up at the Getty Center with my older sister. I had seen it up on the hill countless times as I drive around LA, but had never had the opportunity to stop by to actually see what was up there.

Upon arrival, I was amazed at the sheer size of The Getty Center! I never realized how massive the plot of land was and how many beautiful works of art it contained. At first, my sister and I were overwhelmed by how many buildings and exhibits there were, so we started by just enjoying the beautiful, panoramic views of the west side of LA.

Next we started randomly walking around to look at all of the different exhibits that were currently on display. It felt like you could get lost for hours up there, walking around each building soaking up centuries of artistic works. My sister’s favorite exhibit was the Italian Renaissance paintings and sculptures.

My favorite part of The Getty was actually the Central Garden. It is a vast garden that looked like a maze from a distance. I found it to be an living artistic creation that incorporated sights, sounds and scents from flowers, trees and bush fixtures. I later researched that the garden was created by Robert Irwin and is 134,000 square feet, an incredible amount of work to be maintained throughout the year. I just loved the feeling of being able to walk through the different foliage routes covered by such green trees. Then the pools with the floating maze were so large and intricate I was truly captivated.

I would definitely recommend spending a day up at The Getty because there is so many artistic features to enjoy. For me, I enjoyed the architecture of the buildings as well as the Central Garden the most.

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